About Global Cognition

What we do

At Global Cognition, we improve cognitive skills. Not just any skills. Essential skills that make people smarter. More capable. Adaptive. So they are ready to confront challenges and create opportunities in the 21st century.

From adolescents to experienced professionals, we advance education for learners in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Self-directed learning and inquiry
  • Collaboration, communication, culture

How we do it

Many roads lead to Rome, and we’ve covered quite a few:

  • We conduct cognitive research to understand key skills and how they can be improved.
  • Based on our study results, we create models of competent performance for work and school settings.
  • We use our models to design instruction that targets strategies and mindsets most relevant to the problem at hand.
  • By comparing models across domains, we discover skills that apply widely. Throughout life.
  • We build web-based training, with a focus on application and transfer of learning. For example, we created Thinker Academy, a website to help teens improve their learning and thinking skills.
  • We publish and present our work in a variety of outlets. We write for scientists, educators, practitioners, as well as parents and students. We’ve been invited to speak in all sorts of venues.

Funding and Partnerships

The scientists at Global Cognition have been awarded research funding from a variety of U.S. government agencies, such as AFRL, ARL, DLNSEO, NSF, ONR, and IARPA.

They have also participated in several large multidisciplinary and transnational research programs, including the Human Social Cultural Behavioral Modeling Program, and the US/UK International Technology Alliance in Network Sciences led by IBM.

Global Cognition researchers often collaborate with diverse partners, including members of universities, research institutes, government agencies, and companies to solve problems involving cognition.

Looking for a research partner? Have a question?

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