Keep Impulsivity in Check by Thinking about the Future

impulsivity challenge

Ahh, the beginning of a new year. Time to start thinking about making up for recent overindulgences. Holiday festivities, treats, and good cheer stretching back to November have been chipping away at our rational minds bit by bit, offering impulsivity and immediate gratification in place. Now we … [Read more...]

Building Spatial Thinking Improves STEM success

spatial thinkng in portal 2

You fall off of a ledge, dropping through a hole in the floor, only to find yourself hurtling out the side of a wall like a cannon ball. If you can imagine that easily, you have great spatial thinking skills. Or you’ve been playing Portal 2. Perhaps your spatial thinking skills got a boost from … [Read more...]

Cognitive Skills Help Fashion Adaptive Minds

cognitive skills and chess

Which is the most useful kind of knowledge - general knowledge about how to think well, or specific knowledge within many subject areas? The idea that we can train the mind to use core cognitive skills that are effective in a wide range of situations is really fantastic. But, maybe it’s too … [Read more...]

Does High Intelligence Mean Low Cognitive Bias?

Think Without Cognitive Bias

In thinking through any complex issue, there are going to be different possible solutions and perspectives. Ideally, a smart and critical thinker would reason through the pros and cons of the different possibilities and come to a balanced view of the issue. Yet a great deal of research finds that … [Read more...]

Argumentation Is More Than Just Knowing Why You Are Right

Basic Argumentation

Argumentation is the thought process used to develop and present arguments. It is closely related to critical thinking and reasoning. Argumentation belongs among the essential 21st century cognitive skills. We face complex issues that require careful, balanced reasoning to resolve. Perhaps for … [Read more...]

Spotting Fallacious Arguments

fallacious argument

Starting an argument with someone can be a great way to learn more about a topic. Arguments help us check our own thinking, come to terms with someone else’s reasoning, and occasionally even arrive at a shared understanding about what we believe to be true. Everyday arguments are often messy. The … [Read more...]

Intelligence: What it Means to You

Intelligence in Action

What does intelligence mean to you? Take a moment to really think about that. Now, ask yourself another question – why do you think that? Where did your ideas about the nature of intelligence really come from? There are two main ways that people think about intelligence. Perhaps the most common … [Read more...]