Innate Intelligence vs. True Grit

Intelligence vs. Grit My dad used to say, “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.” He had several other antiquated gems for expressing that core idea – success is often less about natural talent than it is about persistence in pursuit of one’s goals. Emily Hanford describes a study about the role of perseverance in achievement on MindShift. The findings bring us back to those oft-spoken words of wisdom from our dads. The original research, conducted by Angela Duckworth and colleagues, uses a simple measure of “grit” and shows it to be of equal importance to intelligence for explaining success in a variety of intellectual tasks. The results fit in well with other studies of talent and expertise that commonly conclude that intrinsic interest in the discipline, a burning desire to achieve, and dedication to thoughtful practice over an extended time are essential to top performance.

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