Desirable Difficulties: If at First You Don’t Succeed…You May Have Learned More than You Thought

desirable difficulties unlock the memory vault

We’ve all been there, faced with a question or task related to a topic we’ve previously learned, thinking “I know that I know this…why can’t I think of the answer!?” So why is it difficult to remember something we’ve previously learned? Research by Elizabeth Bjork and Robert Bjork, at the … [Read more...]

Note Taking Strategies in the Computer Age

Where's the computer note taking strategy?

One of the core ways we learn is by listening to lectures. We learn more when we take notes, especially when making use of good note taking strategies. Note taking affords you with an external record of what was said. Incomplete, by all means, but something you can look back at later. Note taking … [Read more...]

5 Study Skills to Accelerate Your Learning

She's got study skills

You may have heard that we now live in something called a “knowledge economy.” One big implication is the premium put on the ability to ramp up your knowledge about new topics. Whatever else students are learning in school, they also need to practice study skills that can help them learn more … [Read more...]

Questioning Improves Your Learning if You Ask the Right Questions

Using Better Questioning Strategies

Questioning others is a great way to expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives. You can even use questioning strategies to figure out if others really know what they’re talking about. But other people aren’t always around. Sometimes you are all you've got. Luckily research shows that you can … [Read more...]

A Study Strategy for all Occasions: Test your Memory

study strategy needed

You have a test coming up. You need to know the material. First, you need to know how to study for it. One way to study is to read back over your notes, textbook, and any other material. Is that really how to study? An alternative approach would be to test your memory. That could mean literally … [Read more...]

Memorize This! Exercises to Improve Memory Won’t Help You Learn Better

Short-term Memory Game

A recently released review of studies finds no evidence that working memory exercises improve general cognitive performance. In the last several years, working memory exercises have gained popularity. This is due in part to their claims to benefit students. They are often sold as help for poor … [Read more...]