If You’re Bicultural, You Can Make it Work to Your Advantage


There are many advantages to being bicultural. Studies have shown that biculturals are more creative and enjoy greater professional success. One of the reasons for the advantage may be that exposure to diverse beliefs and worldviews enables biculturals to consider different perspectives. This can … [Read more...]

Cross-Cultural Competence: Engage People from any Culture

cross-cultural competence

Cross-cultural competence refers to your ability to understand people from different cultures and engage with them effectively. And not just people from the one culture that you’ve studied for years. Having cross-cultural competence means you can be effective in your interactions with people from … [Read more...]

Trouble Understanding Others? Read More Fiction

understanding others

Looking for an excuse to read more fiction? Fiction reading can help with understanding others. A recent study shows that children who read more fiction stories are better at inferring what other people are thinking and feeling. Being good at understanding others is important, not just for … [Read more...]

Argumentation Is More Than Just Knowing Why You Are Right

Basic Argumentation

Argumentation is the thought process used to develop and present arguments. It is closely related to critical thinking and reasoning. Argumentation belongs among the essential 21st century cognitive skills. We face complex issues that require careful, balanced reasoning to resolve. Perhaps for … [Read more...]

Cross-Cultural Perspective Taking

Cross Cultural Perspective

Can we really ‘put ourselves in the shoes’ of someone who has a different cultural background? Can we truly take a cultural perspective? The success of so many of our daily interactions depends on our ability to make sense of other people’s point of view—figuring out why they do the things they do … [Read more...]