Transfer of Learning: Take What You’ve Learned with You

transfer of learning

Can an eighth-grade math student apply her knowledge of geometry to estimate the square footage of the family’s new home? If so, then she has experienced transfer of learning. Transfer of learning means to extend knowledge you’ve gained from one situation to new ones. Parents and educators hope … [Read more...]

Five Metacognitive Strategies to Change Your Mind

man with metacognitive strategies

Everyday learning often starts with a surprise. Something unexpected happens and you use that to change your understanding. You learn the most when you use metacognitive strategies to adapt your mindset. Metacognition is what you know about how you think and learn. It includes knowing what you … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids to Program Computers

teaching kids to program

There has been a lot of press recently about teaching kids to program computers. When taught in schools at all, programming is often treated as a specialized technical skill. It can make an interesting elective, but is really a niche activity that doesn't deserve much time in an already crammed … [Read more...]

Trouble Understanding Others? Read More Fiction

understanding others

Looking for an excuse to read more fiction? Fiction reading can help with understanding others. A recent study shows that children who read more fiction stories are better at inferring what other people are thinking and feeling. Being good at understanding others is important, not just for … [Read more...]

3 Ways Concept Maps Help You Learn

Concept map

Concept maps are pictures that that show how ideas relate to each other. In a concept map, ideas are represented as nodes, and the relationships between them as links with descriptive labels. Concept maps can be very large and complex—and they can be very small and simple. You can use concept … [Read more...]

Spotting Fallacious Arguments

fallacious argument

Starting an argument with someone can be a great way to learn more about a topic. Arguments help us check our own thinking, come to terms with someone else’s reasoning, and occasionally even arrive at a shared understanding about what we believe to be true. Everyday arguments are often messy. The … [Read more...]

How Can You Tell if Your Spouse (or Service Professional) Knows What They’re Talking About?

check for understanding

Does your spouse really know how the dishwasher works or are they just trying to fake it? Being able to check for understanding…can save you time and money. Is it worth it to have your husband try his luck as a handyman first, or might you just go ahead and call a service professional instead? Is … [Read more...]