Respect for Arab Crowds

Arab Protests, Martyrs' Square, Beirut

Direct displays of respect can reduce conflict in Arab protests, where a premium is placed on honor. Such displays enable people in potentially volatile crowd situations to accrue honor while avoiding risks associated with violent confrontation. These conclusions are based on studies of Arab … [Read more...]

Cultural Norms: Do they Matter?

Cultural Norms

In some countries, women are expected to cover themselves from head to toe. In others, bikini bottoms are plenty sufficient. In some places, baskets are carried in the arms. In others, they are placed on the head. Cultural norms are the standards we live by. They are the shared expectations and … [Read more...]

World History Videos for Kids

Gombrich supports history videos for kids

About two years ago, I decided to read a kid friendly world history book to my children (aged 7 and 10 at the time), and settled on Gombrich's, "A Little History of the World." Beyond the book, I thought it might also be fun and informative for us to watch some selected videos related to the … [Read more...]

Become an Ace Forecaster

Cognition and Forecasting

Do you have what it takes to predict the future?  Global Cognition is collaborating on a project to improve the anticipation of interesting world events using innovative crowd sourcing techniques.  Our forecasting website is free, open to anyone, and provides a unique way to stay ahead of the news. … [Read more...]